Masterdomino99 Casino – Why it Was Shut Down

The Masterdomino99 website was once a thing of beauty. I have never felt so overwhelmed by gambling in online casinos before, not because the site was bad, but because the site was amazing. However, this kind of site will soon be dead as everyone gets to know about it and start using it again.

The site was shut down due to many reasons including the use of two-factor authentication and numerous hacking attempts which also resulted to the site’s warning page being changed to a 404 page. The fake signup pages were also reported in which many players tried to reset their passwords to gain access to their account. Another breach occurred in which the hackers released their database containing the details of over five thousand players. In addition, an email list containing the details of more than twenty thousand players were also leaked.

The hacking of the site also made headlines as it was one of the first sites to ever get hacked in the last year. Many people lost money including myself. I thought Masterdomino99 was the most secure online casino, and it was so safe and professional looking that I was inclined to trust it.

It is unfortunate that the site was shut down because it was so impressive and that the site was shut down due to re-branding project. Since then, there have been several attempts to relaunch the site, but none of them have been successful. There was even a report that I was part of the project and that I wanted to do it, but I had no involvement in the project and I was actually surprised to hear this news. This might have lead me to believe that I was the next victim to come from Masterdomino99’s demise.

It was difficult to understand why the site shut down, as the site was very professional looking and it had great features like a 3D mock house where players could practice their casino skills. One of the main reasons for the site’s downfall was the fact that there were no mobile versions of the site available, as mobile is becoming the preferred gambling preference today.

There was a glitch in the Casino Games on the site which caused the simulation to appear but the house would lose all its money, which is why they announced the shut down. Although they said that their servers were fried, the statement was misleading and not really true, considering how well the servers are monitored. Despite that, they would make an effort to re-launch the site in the future.

Masterdomino99 was one of the few casinos that was offering two-factor authentication, which made it more secure and yet it still was hacked, and another online casino is less secure, which is sad indeed. Although the poker games were fun, it was the racing games that I really loved. Since the real life racing games in my favorite racing game was not available in online casinos, I was really confused as to why I should go to an online casino instead.

I have given up on Masterdomino99 due to the fact that I wanted to play and win some money in online casinos instead. However, if you are a fan of the Masterdomino99 online casino, then you can visit the site itself to see if it will be re-launched soon.