The all-time biggest online poker site and home of the World Series of Poker (WSOP) was first discovered by William Poulos and Alan Cooper. The two started a company in Las Vegas called WSOP. They both have long been active in online gambling for many years and played the game and eventually took a job in online poker in their own right.

afapoker was born in 1997 when Poulos and Cooper wanted to find a site to promote their products. They eventually decided on PokerStars because it offered them the most opportunities. Poulos and Cooper then took their ideas to various players in the poker community, starting the website. Poulos and Cooper soon were not only able to get the site off the ground but also got it well known.

Soon after they decided to expand their company with an expansion on the internet. Their expansion has included launch the poker room, affiliate programs,,,,,, Betfair,,,,,,,,, the,,,,,,,,,, and the All these sites are used by the players around the world to play their favorite games.

This helps with the revenue of the websites because the players love to use the websites that offer variety, better service, better prices, and fun games and the such. They all enjoy the sites and buy into them as if they were at their favorite casinos themselves.

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Before you set up an account with, you should know that they are very strict on what they allow in their site. If you have a problem with gambling and betting, then you might want to consider another site for you to use.

You should also be aware that they have their limits on the software you can install on your computer, so you should make sure you get this straightened out before you even begin to play in their poker room. These are important things that should be taken care of before you start playing.